The case of Remy Couture

Charge brought against Remy Couture

Article 163 Corrupting morals by manufacturing and distributing of obscene materials.

Crown Prosecutor

Those responsible for laying charges against Mr. Couture: Michel Pennou and Geneviève Dagenais.

Objective of the Crown

Convince the jury that the art of Mr. Remy Couture is an "undue portrayal of sex." That is to say, the art and creativity of projects of Mr. Couture encourage sexual activity inculcated of deviance without artistic value.

NB: The films and photos series of Remy show the work of a serial killer, a fictional character who was engaged in sordid murders and some scenes implemented sexual connotation, all the scenes are simulated.

Was there other cases like Remy in the history of criminal justice in Canada?

No. No any a case involving an artistic value. This was the first time in this country.

Counsel for the defense

Me Véronique Robert et Me Robert Doré

Objective of the defense

Convince the jury that Mr. Couture's work has artistic value, according to the rules of an artistic approach and techniques known in the field of special effects.

Was the jury trial?


Date of report:

10 to 21 December 2012

Trial verdict?

The December 21, 2012 Remy was acquitted, '' Even if they were violent and disturbing, the images created by Remy Couture were not obscene as to be criminal, the jury ruled. ''

Where did the funding of the Crown prosecutor Mr. Couture?

The money from the taxpayer.

Who paid for the defense lawyers?

The accused, Remy Couture had to pay all legal costs.

Does the legal fees are reimbursed after a verdict of not guilty?


How much did this trial cost to Mr Couture?

Over $ 30,000

How much did this trial cost to the taxpayers?

We can talk here about 1 million or more ... money directly from our taxes!

What would he happened to Mr Couture if there was a guilty verdict?

The law provides for two-year maximum prison sentence. The Crown wanted to make Remy Couture a scapegoat and an exemplary case. It is likely that the sentence would have been exemplary too! Mr Couture risked a criminal record that would undoubtedly harm his career, without committing any crime!