Remy Couture on what was going on INNERDEPRAVITY.COM:

INNERDEPRAVITY.COM was a web-based multimedia project I produced and created back in 2005. It consisted of a series of two short movies accompanied by several photo sessions, separated into several themes. This project allowed me to showcase several techniques of special effects and my artistic creativity.

Inner Depravity Website

It was a website dedicated for amateur adult audiences of gore and the warning on the site clearly stated that this was a fictional site.

Inner Depravity Warning

Then I decided to put my project on DVD in order to present it to a few film festivals. INNERDEPRAVITY 1 and INNERDEPRAVITY 2 were born in 2006.

INNERDEPRAVITY VOLUME 1, was presented to the Spasm festival and won the mention of the '' most disturbing movie '' in 2007.


Inner Depravity is a site that immerses you in the sordid world of a psychopath. Its take you in the archives of a fictional serial killer in the form of visual diary. The content, very graphic, showing the results of its bloody madness, the result of his murder, p hotographs of his victims.

Inner Depravity, Hook

Why I was arrested by the Montreal Police in 2009?

A web surfer from Germany reported to Interpol the content of my website. Obviously, he could not read English... and the Montreal Police either.

My fictional work was so real to them that they concluded that my fictional character, was actually a REAL killer.

Inner Depravity photo galerie